Overcoming Addiction to Opiates & Narcotics

Drug Addiction

Opiates such as heroin and prescription painkillers are a commonly used narcotic to gain a feeling of indifference or numbness. When things are going bad in life, a person may turn to opiates to erase those emotions, but they can then fall into a downward spiral and are unable to stop using them. When individuals attempt these drugs for the first time, they may easily become addicted and the emotional strain it places on friends and family can be just as serious as the physical strain it places on their own bodies.

Important Steps to Consider for Successful Treatment

Willingness to change. One of the most important traits for a person to have is a willingness to overcome the addiction they are facing. We know it’s not easy, but believing in yourself and actually wanting to make a change for the better in your life is a huge step in starting your journey.

Extended treatment plan. Several people join a treatment center for a short time then feel they can continue it on their own. This is not always a good choice and many people will relapse back into their addictions. Staying involved with an extended treatment plan for 60 days, 90 days or even longer is an excellent way to stay motivated and on the right track for the long term.

Transition period. Once you complete an inpatient treatment plan, it’s important to set up a smooth transition period to help ease you back into the daily requirements of your life. This helps move you from an extended treatment into a long term life-changing plan.

Family support. Make sure your family and friends are on board. Getting support people you look up to or relate to is very important; and if any other members of your social circle use drugs, getting them into a treatment program or staying away from them will help make your own life much better.

Remaining Clean or Sober for an Extended Period

Finding a support group, either in Chicago IL or online, can benefit you more than you might realize. Finding a group of people who can all relate to the same ups and downs of being involved with a drug treatment center can help you learn to open up and express your emotions. Being able to tell people about your good days and your bad days will help nurture the goal you are working to meet. Together, with a strong support system, you can be on the path to freedom from your addiction.