Just for Parents

Adolescent Mental Health Program

Are you wondering if our program is right for your teen? We know you may have some questions about what to expect while your teen is in the hospital. Call us and we can tell you more!

Teenagers will:

  • Explore their feelings and emotions.
  • Have daily meetings with their psychiatrist.
  • Attend group and individual therapy with specially trained, licensed behavioral health therapists. Groups include therapeutic processing and skills development, such as coping, communication, and social skills.
  • Develop an individualized treatment plan with their therapist.
  • Have a treatment team meeting. After your teen has been in the program 48-72 hours, you will be invited to a staffing with the psychiatrist, therapist and the rest of your teen’s treatment team.
  • Have daily opportunities for physical activity and exercise, including recreation therapy and time in our gym.
  • Have family counseling sessions while participating in the program.
  • Participate in a school program to prevent them from falling behind in school. (We request the parent or guardian to bring the patient’s assignments to CBH within three days of admission)
  • Practice the skills they are learning with other teenagers dealing with similar issues.
  • Have healthy, balanced meals developed by a nutritionist.
  • Have a comprehensive plan to continue treatment upon discharge from the hospital.

More Questions?

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