47 New Psychiatric Beds Added

Chicago Behavioral Hospital opened two newly renovated floors adding 47 psychiatric beds to the now 125-bed psychiatric hospital. The new space offers a safe, inviting environment for patients in need of mental health treatment.

Chicago Behavioral Hospital invested 3.4 million dollars in the renovation and upgrade of 22,000 square feet of existing space on the third and fourth floors. Patients will benefit from spacious new rooms with private bathrooms and large group therapy and activity rooms. The renovations also include upgraded finishes and hardware, new flooring, new energy-efficient light fixtures and an upgraded ventilation system for optimal air quality.

“It is important for patients in a psychiatric hospital to feel relaxed and safe. The hospital environment contributes to the healing process,” according to psychiatrist and medical director, Dr. David Bawden.

What makes Chicago Behavioral Hospital different from other hospitals is an evidence-based approach to behavioral healthcare. CBH plans to open two new specialty programs, the women’s program and a faith based program.  The faith based program is provided in collaboration with Meier Clinics, a nationally known provider of faith based counseling and mental healthcare.